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The All-New Hyundai Santa Fe

✅️ Cash Rebate RM 3000
✅️ Free Service Voucher @ RM 4000.00
✅ 5 year @ 300,000km Warantty
✅ Free Service 3 year @ 50,000km

Make Quality Time.

There is a different car for each kind of family. And all of them have one name: the All-New Santa Fe

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Original price was: RM211,888.00.Current price is: RM169,888.00.

Interested buyers can place an online Booking fee for only RM1000

The All-New Hyundai Santa Fe Product Details
  • Excellent diesel engine
  • Handsome looks
  • Well-built cabin
  • The perfect family car.
  • Roomy interiors with increased legroom and plenty of space in the trunk offer all the comfort you need for greater moments with your family.
The All-New Hyundai Santa Fe Price List Latest
Variant OTR w/o Insurance D/payment 10% 5 years 7 years 9 years Full loan
2.4 MPi Executive RM 171,888.00 RM 17,188.80 RM 3,029.53 RM 2,292.86 RM 1,883.61 RM 2,092.90
2.4 MPi Premium RM 191,888.00 RM 19,188.80 RM 3,382.03 RM 2,559.65 RM 2,102.77 RM 2,336.41
R 2.2 CRDi Executive RM 193,888.00 RM 19,388.80 RM 3,417.28 RM 2,586.33 RM 2,124.69 RM 2,360.77
R 2.2 CRDi Premium RM 213,888.00 RM 21,388.80 RM 3,769.78 RM 2,853.11 RM 2,343.86 RM 2,604.28
  • interested buyers can place an online booking for only RM1000
  • * All the above prices are based in Peninsular Malaysia only. Prices may differ from Sabah, Sarawak and other countries.
  • * Prices are subject to changed without prior notice .
  • * Installment rates calculated may differ from actual Bank interest rates , subject to terms and condition applied.
The All-New Hyundai Santa Fe Specification & Feature


Feel the interior atmosphere of Hyundai’s next generation SUV.
The dashboard feels wide & open and provides maximum visibility with a floating type Audio Video Navigation. The ample interior space is complemented with refined and comfortable seats.

Seats & Trunk

No matter the size of your family, or whether you are into picnics, golfing or camping, the 7-passenger Santa Fe offers full flexibility with multiple seat configurations available.
There are multiple configurations possible to fit your needs. With the 2nd and 3rd row folded flat, there’s plenty of cargo space to load up on quality time with.

A family car,
with just as much energy.

To endure road trip after road trip, the Santa Fe comes in diesel or gasoline engines
with 6 or 8-speed transmissions offering maximum fuel efficiency and durability.


HTRAC is an electronic all-wheel drive system that automatically detects vehicle’s speed and road conditions to control braking between the left and right wheels and apply active torque control between the front and rear axles, in order to ensure stability while driving and cornering on slippery roads.

Drive mode

The color of the instrument panel changes according to the driving mode selected (Comfort, ECO or Sport). Comfort mode provides optimized torque transfer for a stable driving, ECO mode prioritizes fuel economy,
while Sport mode boost performance to deliver a dynamic drive. Finally, use the Smart mode to
automatically switch among the other modes based on road conditions and driving style.

Calm inside,
no matter what’s on the outside.

Our Calm Technology includes a number of safety features such as
the Safe Exit Assist and Rear Occupant Alert, leaving you to focus on what’s important.

6-airbag system


Virtual cluster

Optimally placed and easy to read, the brilliant 7-inch digital information cluster displays important driver information like: the status of active safety features, remaining range and fuel consumption, navigation instructions, outside temperature and more.


The 8-inch touch screen integrates 3D navigation, media and connectivity features including Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™.

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The All-New Hyundai Santa Fe
The All-New Hyundai Santa Fe

Original price was: RM211,888.00.Current price is: RM169,888.00.

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